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Specialty Services

In addition to our Care Services and Care Management Services, Attention Plus Care offers a variety of specialized home care services. These services bring an additional value and benefit to clients with special needs.

Specialty Services Include Free or Without Additional Charges:

  • Free initial consultation with our Service Consultant.
  • Initial assessment by Registered Nurse Client Service Supervisor, including home and environmental safety assessment.
  • Regular visits and telephone calls by Client Service Supervisor to assess client needs, oversee progress, and supervise employees.
  • Registered Nurses on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent telephone consultation.
  • Individualized plan of care and maintenance of care records.
  • Ongoing caregiver scheduling support.
  • Carefully screened and selected employees based on skills, attitude, client compatibility, and sincere interest in delivering quality care.
  • Employees covered by workers compensation, temporary disability, bonding and professional liability insurance.

Stay-Over Service

Developed as an effective, economical way to handle care needs that may arise during night hours, Stay-Over Service is for clients who need minimal assistance and want the convenience of a caregiver in their home during night hours.

Cost Effectiveness

Stay-Over service is cost-effective health care for clients who need minimal assistance during night hours (10:00 pm. - 6:00 am). The attending caregiver is permitted to rest during the night hours in exchange for a significantly reduced hourly service fee. Throughout the night, the caregiver is available for routine monitoring and to respond to client requests. Stay-Over service promotes client comfort and safety during the night hours when client care needs are sometimes minimal. Also, it is an effective, economical way to handle unexpected care needs that may arise during night hours.

Stay-Over services can be arranged to meet routine care or complex care needs in the privacy and comfort of the home, or at other locations such as a hotel.

Stay-Over services are available exclusively for care or treatments requiring four or less brief caregiver interruptions per night. Hourly services are available for care requiring closer supervision. Clients must be able to call for help when needed. Clients must provide a satisfactory place for the caregiver to rest comfortably.

Stay-Over service is available 7 days a week, between the hours of 10:00 pm. and 6:00 am. A six-hour minimum applies to all Stay-Over service intervals.

Worldwide Travel Assistance

Attention Plus Care provides reliable and skilled Worldwide Travel Assistance to individuals in need of nursing care while in transit to domestic and international destinations worldwide. Our professional team of licensed nurse employees often can respond to even the most urgent request for travel assistance.

Live-In Care

Live-In Care is an arrangement that provides continuous, supervised home health care services in a manner that maintains the client's independence, security, health and safety, all at a reasonable cost.

The primary caregiver in this arrangement is the live-in employee of Attention Plus Care who moves into the client's home and is provided with room and board. The Live-In works as needed with the client throughout the week on a 24-hour basis. However, the Live-In must have at least 12 hours of personal time off per 24 hours for such things as sleeping, eating, and bathing. The live-in caregiver will stay on premises during these periods of personal time off.

Live-In employees require 35 additional hours off per week during which they can leave the premises when they are completely relieved of care giving responsibilities. This relief time promotes caregiver well being and avoids "burnout." Attention Plus Care offers two options for scheduling relief. In the "Scheduled Relief" option, Attention Plus Care takes responsibility for scheduling respite caregivers for the Live-In.

All such respite caregivers are employees of Attention Plus Care, and they are responsible for attending to the client's needs while the Live-In is off-duty. A second option is called "Client/Family Relief." Here the client or the family arranges for relief of the Live-In. Selecting this option results in lower weekly costs of services for Live-In coverage.

Multiple Person Care

When two or more people in the same household need our attention, we offer Multiple Person Care. For a special economical rate our companions, health aides, or licensed nurses can attend to your needs as well as the needs of your husband, wife, child, or other family member who resides in your home.

The Joint Commission

Attention Plus Care has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval which means we have met national standards for health care quality and safety.

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